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For Your Consideration Heath Ledger

These posters were published in the ubiquitous trades touting Heath Ledger for Best Supporting Actor and below, a picture of Heath Ledger as The Joker in the ad for the best film consideration. He would get your vote? Discuss..
26.11.08 10:57

Jay Z And Beyonce Knowles Hollywood Quot Richest Couple

Clinical psychologist and researcher Jim Houran celebrities, said: Naturally Powerful People Tend To Gravitate Toward Other Powerful People Will Smith And Jada Pinkett-Smith finished second in the list, with earnings of $ 85 million... Hip-hop star Jay-Z pocketed $ 82 million from 10 years with Live Nation, while Beyonce raked in $ 80 million from film, fashion and publishing deals. The couple married topped the list compiled by Forbes magazine, after which collectively $ 162 million between 1 June 2007, and 1 June 2008.
26.11.08 10:57

Kelly Rowland Inspired To Say I Do reports her saying: Seeing Beyonce to marry Jay-Z did make me want to tie the knot, but Im not ready yet.. London, Nov 26 (IANSA) After attending former bandmate Beyonc Knowles wedding of Jay-Z, singer Kelly Rowland is inspired to get married.Rowland was the postponement of marriage, but now wants to tie the knot.
26.11.08 10:57

Elton John Tantrums And Tiaras Dvd Review

After 13 years, the Directors Cut is now available on DVD, and viewers can re-visit the life of this complex and talented individual. Viewers of this film when it came before 1995 may have felt that they knew and understood the impetus behind the creative and complicated individual Elton John. With the new Directors Cut of this documentary has the advantage of a current commentary in 2008, there are items in history that did not exist before. In 1995 superstar Elton John allowed close friend David Furnish videotape to a year in his life to produce a biographical film documentary Tantrums and Tiaras. It is fascinating to see what makes a person achieve superstar status in this world that places such value on celebrity.
26.11.08 10:57

Swizz Beatz Submits Five Songs For Eminem Quot Quot Relapse Quot

I Dont Know The Title Yet But Its Classic Its Sounding Big, he told MTV.. Noting that one of them is a track that features 50 Cent And Dr Dre, Swizz refused to additional shares. During an interview at an event to raise funds in the Big Apple, Swizz Beatz has revealed that he presented five pieces of Eminem for its sixth studio album in majors Relapse.
26.11.08 10:57

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